In the ongoing project ‘Grind the Gap’, Graphic Studio ‘Plaatsmaken’ investigates the role of digital applications in analog printing techniques.

Continuing the conversation about the relationship between traditional craft and the rapidly evolving world. They asked nine designers, mainly digital, to participate in workshops in analog printing techniques. Then made a work plan in which the gained knowledge got a place within their vocabulary. They thought of both content and technology. The analogous results of their plans show opportunities, thoughts and wishes for the future.

It wasn’t natural for Nick Liefhebber to take part in the experimental etching workshop by Stijn Peeters. He expected to find a dated technique. Completely against his expectations he was grabbed by the infectious explanation of Peeters. Suddenly, there were possibilities to gain a very different tactility in the abstract collage landscapes he often makes. Especially the soft grey tones were an interesting addition to the design language of the designer. The texture of the paper and the attentive look create a different depth to the layered work. Graphically and technically, it became less hard, even less hard than silkscreen or rip-up, techniques that Liefhebber once used to extract his images from the computer. The unevenness, transparency and structure created by the aquatint are soft additions to the techniques Nick Liefhebber usually uses.

The project was presented at Graphic Matters Festival and the Dutch Design Week.