This commission to showcase Affinity Designer by Serif involved creating three pieces. I wanted these to be connected, it had to be one project. I also wanted them to be different enough that it wouldn’t be interchangeable so I came up with the idea to create three nature-inspired pieces on different times of the day. Morning, midday and night.

The morning piece shows hares which are night/morning animals running off to their dens. I wanted the colours to be soft like the morning light. The midday piece shows tropical birds in a green lush forest with the bright warm colours of the sun. I thought of adding flowers but I also wanted the pieces to be limited in colour and shape. Most forests aren’t full of flowers so I focussed on leaves, birds, greens and reds. The last one represents the night with an owl and cat, real night animals in a dark environment with purples and reds.

You can read an interview about this commission and the rest of my work here: