The artwork (and music) for the "Rosa dos Ventos EP" by Roger van Lunteren was inspired by the time he spent in Portugal. The construction of Portugese tile shapes act as windows on memories and locations. The artwork was screen-printed in a red and green version. 12" Vinyl. Limited to 300 copies silkscreened and handstamped, released on SoHaSo records.

One of our most mysterious and intriguing states of consciousness is the dream. We lose consciousness when we enter the deep waters of sleep, only to regain it as we emerge into a series of uncanny private realities. Through the fog of the mind we can get a glimpse of a world beyond our day to day realities that sometimes is able to show us deeper truths than those we face in awake states. Roger is one of those lucid pioneers that is able to translate these experiences into sound. Let him guide you through these wondrous clouds.

SoHaSo is very happy to welcome Dutch-born German- raised Roger van Lunteren for the first time. His Rosa Dos Ventos Ep is a four-track story that oozes retro vibes and nostalgia for a past that never seems to have existed. Utilizing raw 80’s analog synths and humanoid acid lines he sets atmospheres that remind of Lynchian dreamscapes.