Grasnapolsky is a winter festival surrounded by nature. The festival is held at Radio Kootwijk a beautiful building with a rich history. Grasnapolsky is a music festival that focuses on indie and electronic music.

#Gras17 goes 'Off The Grid'... this edition is dedicated to the remote location and the history of the building. Although the radio station used to symbolise the connection to another world, this remote place now does the complete opposite. The empty and vast moorland, the journey and last but not least... the weak signal on your phone.

The design is inspired by grids, constructivism and maps of the location. The building was overlaid with a grid, cut up and remixed for the campaign images which were all risoprinted in fluorescent pink, black and yellow.

Radio Kootwijk was a shortwave transmitter site starting in 1918. The transmitters played an important role in the 20th century as a communication facility between the Netherlands and its then colony of Dutch East Indies.

Due to the development of new technologies like satellite communication, Radio Kootwijk lost its position as main overseas wireless connection point of the Netherlands. In 1980, the last transmission mast was blown up.