The identity and record sleeve for Discohen is a gritty, slightly more stylised and less colourful variation of classic disco typography. A more complex typeface for the logo and a single line font for the tracklist.

To slicken things up a bit the record sleeve is covered in a thick layer of glossy varnish

DISCOHEN: disco classics the way Leonard Cohen would perform them. Relaxed and sexy... but never corny.

Disco songs are mostly about dancing or the physicality of love. DISCOHEN doesn’t sing about dancing. Leonard Cohen once said: To find a door into the song, that’s a very worthwhile challenge’. This is exactly what DISCOHEN does: seeing supposedly superficial disco hits through the eyes of someone who celebrated life and love. Who better than the Canadian bard himself?

The idea for DISCOHEN came from producer Pim van de Werken. Together with singer Teije Venema he reworked these disco classics into Cohen-worthy executions.

Photography: McKlin